lördag, februari 09, 2008


Also published on my YouTube page!
The sheet music to the clarinet/viola/cello version is here.

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brent reidy sa...


thanks for your interest comment on my blog--i look forward to responding to it later this afternoon.

came to check out yours. funny how music works, as i was literally in the middle of grading exam questions on the last movement of brahm's 4th, which shares your chaconne's ground bass! coincidence aside, was a rewarding listen.


brent reidy sa...

and i just mangled your first name--isn't that embarrassing.

apologies -b

Maria Ljungdahl sa...

Wrong name-calling maybe embarrassing for the sender, not for the addressed person here. I didn't notice until you mentioned your mistake.

Funny coincidence with the Brahms, yes.


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