måndag, november 27, 2006

My Way, or, The Red Road

Oil painting, MaLj 2006.

torsdag, november 02, 2006


When I am not reading the newspaper, other music blogs, music discussions or web pages I have looked up to understand something, while listening to Beethoven's Ninth or some songs by Steely Dan or a cd with Anne Sofie von Otter, I am sometimes writing arrangements of Christmas music, looking at music composed by my friends, or reading a page or two of serious fiction or theory, but when I am not doing this - or watching the snow that fell yesterday - I have these paintings to work on. The Red Road is almost finished now. The abstract maritime landscape with the beams of light is just a sketch to a larger painting I will make some day. The simplified little copy of Enguerrand Charonton's The Coronation of Mary (original from 1454) is what it is - a naive exercise. Here is a detail of the original: