onsdag, augusti 23, 2006

Wasting Space and Time for the sake of Music

After observing things for months, and thinking it doesn't really look like the sort of ideal place to promote music on, I decided to give the MySpace Music pages a try. So now I have a space and an assorted bunch of so called "friends" -- a mix of personal friends, musicians I have heard or heard about before, and some complete strangers.

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Anonymous sa...

Hallo. I finally made it to come and have a look at your 'blogs'. They seem eminently sensible and civilised - unfortunately I seem to have very little postive to say about anything much these days, even music, but when I do I will try to make a contribution. Thanks for putting a link to my 'Musings' - it would be interesting to know if anyone ever reads them!
Laurence Hughes

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